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PFC Fine Crusher

PFC series compound energy saving fine crusher is the latest generation high efficiency fine crusher.

PFC Fine Crusher

PFC Fine Crusher
PFC series compound energy saving fine crusher is the latest generation high efficiency fine crusher. It is developed by our company by absorbing the domestic and overseas advanced technology and integrating the real working condition of the cement industry. It integrates the advantages of hammer type, reaction type, impact type fine crusher, and designed with special chamber, especially that its hammer head is made of “2021” special wear-resistance material. That brings this machine the advantages of fine discharging product and long service life of wear parts. It has achieved obvious economic benefit after the promotion.

The feeding size of this machine is 20-50mm; its max rated feeding size shall not be surpassed. It is better to place it on the road side to avoid affecting manufacturing in the process of maintaining. The feeding material’s temperature shall be under 150 ℃, for the high temperature will short the service life of wear parts and bearings.

Features of PFC Fine Crusher:
1.Adopt three-chamber curved surface crushing chamber, to increase the material’s hitting times and reducing compressing, rubbing and the consumption of hammer head.
2.Interval between impact plate and the hammer head is adjustable, so the discharging size can be effectively controlled.
3.Adopt Deflectable structure to avoid the hammer head cracking if the material is too hard.
4.PFC50-300 opening equipment is equipped with hydraulic device, which makes the maintenance easier.
5.Install iron discharging door at the grate’s outlet. If the iron block or the material is too hard to be crushed, they can be discharged from this door. That can protect the machine parts from breaking, but can not substitute the iron separator.

Working Principle of PFC Fine Crusher:
The big material will be crushed immediately, and then fly to the impact plate to go through the second collision crushing. The rebounded material will hit with the follow-up flying material and crush each other. After being crushed in the first chamber, crushed material will go through repeated crushing in the second chamber. Finally, the material will be screened by the discharging grate, qualified product will be discharged from the grate seam, and coarser materials will be returned to the first chamber for repeated crushing.

Parameters of PFC Fine Crusher:

Model Favorable feeding size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Discharge size80%(mm) Motor(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)m
PFC30 50 20-40 ≤ 5 30-37 1.6x1.7x1.4
PFC50 80 40-60 ≤5 45-55 2.3x2.1x2.3
PFC80 80 60-90 ≤5 75-90 2.3x2.6x2.3
PFC100 100 90-120 ≤6 90-110 2.3x2.9x2.8
PFC150 100 110-150 ≤6 110-132 2.3x3.2x2.8
PFC200 150 130-200 ≤7 132-220 3.3x2.8x3.1
PFC300 180 160-260 ≤8 160-300 3.9x3.5x3.5

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