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Comparative advantage of impact crusher and other crushing equipment

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    First of all, in the crushing equipment, the impact crusher and jaw crusher performance is relatively close. They are known for their advantages such as large crushing ratio, stable performance and uniform grain yield. Their difference is that the impact crusher, generally deal with 500mm below the gravel material and compressive strength has a certain limit. The jaw crusher wear resistance is relatively high, mainly used for high hardness gravel material broken. The crusher is characterized by its broken material product is cubic, and crushing equipment in use in the material size is adjustable, mainly use the broken rock stone principle, which not only reduces the energy consumption of the equipment wear and the work process and the material processing becomes diversified.
    The crusher also has its unique characteristic in the design of the material, if the humidity is too high can be installed heat device between the feed inlet and the impact plate crushing equipment, reduce material moisture, prevent sand material adhesion in the machining process, which also broke the crushing equipment too large material in the processing of humidity at the bottom the history of sieve plate must be installed. In addition, the discharging granularity of the counter crusher can be adjusted by the speed of the rotor and the method of changing the backlash between the counterattack plate and the crushing chamber. Gap regulation is generally through the crusher for mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, which is broken equipment commonly used two methods of regulation.
    The plate hammer is the main working parts of crusher, hammer to hammer crusher for crushing beyond count, plate hammer machine is only 6, so the replacement and maintenance also greatly saves time and effort, but also fundamentally reduce the trouble and great. For wear the impact crusher in the crushing equipment wear is small, because in the process of the crusher plate hammer wear surface is only the front, side and back will not be too much influence.

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