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Fit between parts of jaw crusher

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Between each component of the jaw crusher is only proper, to coordinate the work, so that the equipment is highly efficient operation. Let's look at the fit between the parts of a jaw crusher.
Interference fit
The coordination of each part of the jaw crusher is different, the principle of selection is decided according to the relative motion between the parts. When the jaw crusher works, there is no relative motion between the parts, then the interference fit method is adopted. If the bearing inner ring and the main shaft of the match, it belongs to this kind of situation. The assembly in the jaw crusher bearing, can use characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the hole will be heated and expanded rapidly to the shaft so that the two sets, and the second one.
Clearance fit
In the jaw crusher work, if there is relative motion between the parts, must be used with clearance. If there is relative motion between the outer ring of the rolling bearing and the bearing seat, the method of clearance fit is adopted. Fit to the attention of both contact surfaces shall be uniform and tight, between the bearing and the bearing flange or straight mouth should not avoid bearing clearance, produce axial movement in the bearing seat.
If there is no relative motion between the parts, but there is a bond and other fastener connection, but also the use of clearance fit, this situation in the jaw crusher in the application of more. Key connection is to achieve through the axis and the axis of the shaft between the parts of the fixed to the transfer of motion and torque, jaw crusher transmission mechanism is mostly used in this way.

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