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Corporate Overview

This is the overview of our company. You can get some information about UNIQUE company here.

The wide application of vibrating machinery in mines

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Mechanical vibration is widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises in the mining sector, especially in the processing industry, feeding, conveying, screening, dewatering, sculping and crushing, grinding and other operations of the material, can be widely used in mechanical vibration. For example: vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen, vibrating mill and vibration crusher etc.. The development and improvement of vibration machinery plays an important role in the development of mining industry and production and processing industry. In order to improve the reliability of the large vibration machine, it is necessary to do further research on the structural strength. The new material and new technology, especially the application of high performance materials should be further strengthened, in order to reduce the weight of vibration machinery and improve the quality of its products. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, to further study and take the necessary measures for the problem of mechanical vibration and noise reduction, the scope and extent of the control of noise pollution, mining machinery vibration should be developed toward high efficiency, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, low accident, low wear direction.
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How to improve the output of ball mill

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How to improve the output of ball mill 1, reduce the size of the grinding material, reduce the grinding material moisture. The feed particle size can reduce the time to stay in the grinding cavity under the condition that the material reaches the qualified discharge size. Reduce the moisture of the grinding material can avoid the occurrence of sticky ball. 2, strong grinding body management, improve grinding capacity. In the case of equipment power, increase the volume of the grinding body, thereby increasing the effective grinding surface area, in order to ensure the stability of production, every fifteen days should be based on the production and the amount of material consumption. 3, strengthen the ball mill ventilation, reduce material grinding phenomenon. 4, improve the powder selection machine structure, improve the effect of powder election.

Importance of sand washing machine

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    In the development of type sand washing machine has increased, the processing of stone is more and more widely, washing machine in the process of evolution has been renamed the sand washing machine, like on the market now the most used spiral sand washing machine and bucket wheel sand washing machine, sand washing machine is named, and wash the stone size of the sand washing equipment only vibration washing machine and roller washing machine, the difference between them lies in the specifications and properties of cleaning grading materials. With the increasing use of machine-made sand in construction industry, the use of stone washing and sand washing equipment in sand production line use, they are usually the last step sand making production line processing materials, so they also determines the sand production line capacity.
    The working efficiency of the sand washing machine is directly related to the production capacity of the sand production line, and is directly related to the efficiency of the production line and the economic benefits of the users. Sand washing equipment as an important part of sand production line, attached great importance to its normal production by users, so the operating personnel in the operation are very careful, repair and maintenance are more timely, if there is sand washing machine fault need replacement parts, users will be careful to choose. With the rapid development of modern economy and the Internet, for sand washing equipment and accessories, the user can not be like before, to a small parts run to and fro, procurement personnel directly at home or in the production line of knock on the keyboard you can wait for delivery. And the selection of accessories can also be a number of comparison options to ensure that we can buy high-quality accessories.



Comparative advantage of impact crusher and other crushing equipment

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    First of all, in the crushing equipment, the impact crusher and jaw crusher performance is relatively close. They are known for their advantages such as large crushing ratio, stable performance and uniform grain yield. Their difference is that the impact crusher, generally deal with 500mm below the gravel material and compressive strength has a certain limit. The jaw crusher wear resistance is relatively high, mainly used for high hardness gravel material broken. The crusher is characterized by its broken material product is cubic, and crushing equipment in use in the material size is adjustable, mainly use the broken rock stone principle, which not only reduces the energy consumption of the equipment wear and the work process and the material processing becomes diversified.
    The crusher also has its unique characteristic in the design of the material, if the humidity is too high can be installed heat device between the feed inlet and the impact plate crushing equipment, reduce material moisture, prevent sand material adhesion in the machining process, which also broke the crushing equipment too large material in the processing of humidity at the bottom the history of sieve plate must be installed. In addition, the discharging granularity of the counter crusher can be adjusted by the speed of the rotor and the method of changing the backlash between the counterattack plate and the crushing chamber. Gap regulation is generally through the crusher for mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, which is broken equipment commonly used two methods of regulation.
    The plate hammer is the main working parts of crusher, hammer to hammer crusher for crushing beyond count, plate hammer machine is only 6, so the replacement and maintenance also greatly saves time and effort, but also fundamentally reduce the trouble and great. For wear the impact crusher in the crushing equipment wear is small, because in the process of the crusher plate hammer wear surface is only the front, side and back will not be too much influence.

impact crusher


Contrast between new sand making machine and used sand making machine

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    Now sand production line is a popular industrial production line, the contribution to the industry is also very large. Investors also followed the increase, which for the development of industry and industry is a more important thing. Many users in the choice of time because of funding reasons to consider the choice of second-hand sand machine equipment. Used sand production line equipment in the price of a little advantage, but in terms of quality and after-sale are not guaranteed. Following Ya machinery to analyze the sand making machine for the comprehensive analysis.

    Followed by capacity issues, because the equipment obsolete, so the capacity has been unable to meet the daily use standards. If the user before the daily maintenance and maintenance done is not in place, then it is easy to cause the equipment to buy back after the production process often failure. Maintenance not only affect the use, but also make sand machine equipment user investment costs invisible increase. When it comes to the use of fault later I have to tell you about the sand making machine customer service problems, different from the sand making machine manufacturers are selling second-hand sand equipment people can not guarantee the customer service of your machine, and the mechanical performance of the equipment and the technology is relatively old, so the machine in the course of the problems in need to solve. And you do not know the daily use of equipment, more to consider this point should be considered.


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